Dans la série des têtes en carton...

OWLS. de Cocoon
Bic, feutres, crayons aquarellables et plaquage doré sur craft et carton.
Environ 55x30cm. Mars 2010.
Un essai d'illustration suivant les paroles:

One two three four

I'm her favourite game
But I don't know the rules
I'm a piece on chess
And I always lose

She's a queen, she's a queenAnd her anger grows
She's a queen, she's a queenAnd I'm breeding Owls

She lost a treasure there ...treasure there
In the forest's heart...forest's heart
She lost a treasure there...treasure there
She can't remember what


I've been hunting bears...hunting bears
In the forest's heart...In the forest's heart
I found a long black hair...a long black hair
She just took it back !